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The following paper has received media attention.

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The following paper was selected as an AGU Editor’s Highlight.

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The following paper received the Ignacio Rodriguez-Iturbe Publication Award commending the Best Publication in Ecohydrology for 2016.

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The following paper has received media attention. It was also selected as an AGUniverse Publication Highlight (9 April, Volume 6, Issue 7, 2015).

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The following paper has received media attention.

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This paper has received media attention.

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The following paper was selected as an EOS Research Spotlight.

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The following paper received media attention.

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This paper won a prize for the best student-led peer-reviewed journal article for 2013 within the Landscape Dynamics Theme of the Scottish Alliance for Geosciences, Society, and the Environment.

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The following paper has a video file as supporting material. You can download the video (23 MB).

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