Pierre Lochin is a PhD student working collaboratively with SCI-CLAWPS on project co-funded by the US National Science Foundation and the Université de Lyon, where he is enrolled in the H2O’Lyon PhD program. After high school, Pierre did his undergraduate degree in geography at the University of Tours, from where he was able to do his third year at the University of Helsinki (Finland), which led me to focus on remote sensing, geomatics and climatology. Then, I pursued a Master’s degree on these themes, using remote sensing to analyze and study environmental issues. Pierre’s research interests are mainly focused on vegetation evolution, hydrology, natural hazards and climate change. His main experience, at the EPHE laboratory in Dinard (France), was to work on the impact of vegetation to mitigate multi-hazard events on coasts.

Pierre’s current work at the EVS laboratory of ENS Lyon (France) and UCSB (USA) focuses on the construction of a new understanding of the eco-hydrological link between water availability and water stress on the Rhone riparian zones (France). This project is intended to understand the impact of climate on this eco-hydrological link. For this work, we use climatic, hygrometric, hydrological and isotopic data from 3 different study sites along a strong climatic gradient. The purpose of this project is to improve our understanding of the responses of riparian zones to variations in water level and thus to consider these effects better when setting up river restoration or conservation programs.