Noohsin Mehrnegar is from Iran. She is a PhD student at the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at Cardiff University, focused on signal processing and integration techniques based on Bayesian methods, to allow a complementary use of available satellite remote sensing data and models, and consequently to better monitor and understand changes in global ocean mass, land hydrology, and surface deformations. She got her B.Sc. in Civil-Surveying Engineering (2010) form Tabriz University (Iran) and her M.S.c degree (2014) in Geodesy at Tehran University, on the subject of improving the Earth gravity signal using remote sensing data. She joined the SCI-CLAWPS research group in Fall 2017. Her lead advisor in Ehsan Forootan.

Noohsin has extenstive experience in analyzing remote sensing observations and hydrological signals, and enthusiastic about using mathematics to understanding physical processes within the Earth system. The broader goal of her PhD is to extract more information about water partitioning from GRACE satellite data than is currently available.