David MacLeod is a Postdoctoral Researcher working on the EU H2020 project DOWN2EARTH. His research expertise includes climate science and predictability from days to decades, the use uncertain information for humanitarian decision-making and data visualisation.

In Septmeber 2020 he joined SCI-CLAWPS via the University of Bristol on the EU H2020 funded DOWN2EARTH project. Previously David worked at the University of Oxford, most recently on the NERC DFiD funded project ForPAc, which involved the development of early warning systems for flooding and drought in Kenya and the Greater Horn of Africa, alongside partners in the Kenya Red Cross, Kenya Meteorological Department and the National Flood and Drought Monitoring Authority.

His previous research has looked at:

  • improvement of the modelling systems used to make seasonal predictions through better representation of uncertainty in soil hydrology
  • developing forecast visualisation tools and modelling systems for the wind energy industry.
  • quantifying the uncertainty involved in making climate-driven forecasts for malaria, on seasonal and decadal scales (this was my PhD research)

David has also engaged in short-term consultancy work for clients including the Red Cross Climate Centre, Aurora Energy and the Overseas Development Institute.

Besides work, he enjoys spending time with my family, playing music (piano, violin and guitar), reading and being outside.